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Become The Best Player On The Field

I help young soccer players develop world class strength, speed, and power on the field, so that they play more, stop getting pushed off the ball, get noticed by coaches, colleges, and teammates, and earn a scholarship to the college of their dreams.


About Marcela Robinson 

Soccer Strength & Conditioning Coach, Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, Former D1 Student Athlete, Former PRWNT Player

When I started soccer, I was timid and lacked confidence. I was excited when I made my first club team and then devastated when they benched me...for the whole season!

I was ready to give up...

Then I met a coach named Laurie who infused me with a confidence on the field that changed me.

Before long, I was voted team captain of that same club team that benched me and kept that position for 6 years.

When I started high school at McDonogh, I managed to make the varsity team as a freshman and was voted team captain my senior year (we became the #1 girls high school soccer team in the nation that year).

I was humbled to receive multiple scholarship offers to D1 colleges and ultimately chose a full ride to La Salle where I started in my first year and was voted team captain year two.

I played for the Puerto Rican National Team for four years and graduated with a masters degree from La Salle. 

Here's the thing...

I don't consider myself exceptionally talented.

There were players who were far more talented than me; the difference came down to what I learned from my coaches, and the secret sauce I learned along the way. Now I want to pass that knowledge and experience to you. 

If you want to build your fitness, strength, speed, and power to a level where no one can touch you on the field, where you can end the game as strong and fast as when you started, then get in touch! I want to be for you what Laurie was to me.


What's Your Benched To Beast Stage?

This model is a good way to get a snapshot of where you're starting from, a general idea of what you need to work on, and some simple "Keys to Success" for your specific stage. 

It doesn't matter where you're starting from (I started in the "Benched" stage), in fact, I've worked with players in all five stages with most of my personal clients starting in the "Benched", "Sub" and "Starter" stages. 

My mission is to make good players great through helping them build a strategic plan to improve their skills and conditioning to the point where they can progress to "Star" or "MVP" stages if they choose to do so.


I believe that anything is possible for you...

If you're in the "Benched stage", as I was, you can progress to a "Star" or even an "MVP" with the right plan and commitment. The trick is to not try and skip stages, that only brings frustration...

If you're in the "Benched" stage, your goal should be to move up to the "Sub" stage and then the "Starter" stage and so forth, I help you do that!

Using the The Marcela Method TM, we'll work together to build your skills and conditioning to the point that the players, coaches, and colleges will notice you and, more importantly, respect you! 

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